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Vidya Albrink, CMTA, LMT, TFTdx,

Vidya has had a Natural Health Care and psychotherapy practice in New York City since 1976, teaching people with many different physical and emotional challenges how to heal themselves.  She does comprehensive, individualized health evaluations and metabolic balancing programs for people with everything from allergies to ADD to cancer.  She particularly emphasizes preventative care.

Vidya studied for several years with Dr. William Kelly. who designated her as a Certified Metabolic Typing™ Advisor.  He developed the first comprehensive Metabolic Typing™ program and was well known for his extraordinarily successful work with cancer and other degenerative diseases.  Vidya is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable practitioners of Metabolic Typing™.

Vidya has a talent for unraveling the most difficult health challenges, intuiting the imbalances, and easily directing people on the road back to health. She has in-depth experience with the myriad pieces of the puzzle that are often necessary to address to create health and balance.

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